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Bozşahinler Firm was founded by İrfan Görkemli in 1999 in the pearl of Aegean İZMİR.

Our company main fields of service;

 Personnel transportation
 Student transportation
 Vip transfer
 Tourism
has been determined as transfer . In our 21st year, we are now serving in important cities of our country, especially in Istanbul and Ankara, along with İzmir.

Bozşahinler, which closely follows customer expectations, developing technical and technological opportunities, personnel competence and training, always aims for better with the slogan of “Your Confidental Roadmate”.

With our 20 years of experience, the adequacy of self-goods in terms of license plate and vehicle power of Izmir is among the strongest companies.

Bozşahinler, whose financial power is above the market, has full competence to provide you with long-term and trouble-free service.

As a service company that fits the brand value of a distinguished institution like you, meets the laws and regulations in full and leads the sector in this regard, it will add value to us.

We are ready to serve you with our corporate and professional structure to achieve quality, comfort and confidence in the most appropriate economic conditions.

BOZŞAHİNLER, which started with a 17-person vehicle and a contract in 1999; Close to 60 distinguished company with over 30 vehicles as of 2019 show floor activities, and Turkey and the world has come to providing service to educational institutions.

Bozşahinler Tourism company headquarters; 1600 m2 campus with a training hall, library, doctor’s room and social areas shows its difference. In addition, its own 3000 m2 car park follows the inspections and maintenance of its vehicles in the car wash and control center.

Bozşahinler, who closely follows technical and technological developments; it aims to provide the highest quality service to its customers with its expert personnel who can use all kinds of technologically equipped vehicles and technical facilities.

With our web-based software service, where the entire system and tools can be monitored and controlled by both operations and customers, we are now much faster, transparent and reliable.

The research we have done to this day and the findings of customer expectations reveal the lack of professional and institutional structuring that attaches importance to education. We have professionalized our company with institutional logic in every sense by taking this point to the center. This has led us to differentiate according to our competitors, as well as the chance to produce solutions towards customer expectations and ways to be better quality.




Bozşahinler; in all areas it serves; customer representatives and operations units serving 24/7 in order to respond quickly and effectively to customer demands.

To keep the quality of service to the maximum level and to solve problems as soon as possible, to the staff; it provides regular trainings for proficiency and development.

Our company regularly and irregularly controls the vehicles and personnel with the internal inspection mechanism it creates. Alcohol checks on uncertain days every month are important of these inspections.



Bozşahinler; In the transportation sector, where the risk of life safety is at the maximum level, it gains the appreciation and trust of its customers with its security-oriented and human-centered service approach.

By following their responsibilities up-to-date, it regularly shares changes in legal legislation with its customers and subcontractors.

It meets the personal rights of its employees in a timely and complete manner.

Fulfills its obligations to subcontractors in a timely and full manner.

Fulfills its obligations to subcontractors in a timely and full manner.

It improves the sensitivity of its staff by combining social and moral values with its institutional structure.

Supports and implements social responsibility projects in this regard by embracing respect for nature and the right of life of all living things.


Continuously renewing itself integrated into the rapidly evolving and changing world system in all areas.

To be the center of trust based on quality and continuity in all service areas.

To be the center of trust based on quality and continuity in all service areas.

To provide effective benefit to its city and country in this sense by being aware of the importance of the transportation sector for the education and production system.

To be number one in the sector by following a long-term and optimal program with its trained and professional staff.

To provide maximum benefits to our customers at minimum costs by following and managing economic and financial changes in Turkey and around the world.