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Student Service

WEB based software
Mobile compatible vehicle tracking system
Instant monitoring and information
Rezervasyon Yap

    Rezervasyon Yap


    “Choose your companion carefully for a happy trip.”

    Your Confıdental Roadmate

    ‘BOZSHAHINLER’ is preferred by select educational institutions in student service services from the first day it was founded. Our company has managed to be the best of student transportation with its services and solutions to domestic and foreign educational institutions. This success; Our staff, who see our students as part of our family with the principle of “Your Confıdental Roadmate”, reflect the in-house trainings they receive professionally on the field and are the result of friendly teamwork.

    As we apply all laws and regulations, we work with dedication to develop legislation and solve and develop stereotypes.

    We offer instant monitoring and information with WEB-based software and mobile compatible vehicle tracking system in order to meet the trust of our valued parents and the desire to learn about their children.